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BOSTON — Boston Whaler has been increasing its market share across the board, seeing a 25 percent increase in the 23- to 32-foot segment for the last six quarters in a row. That’s according to Boston Whaler president Huw Bower, who told Trade Only Today last week that the trend was one factor in the company’s decision to introduce the 420 Outrage — the brand’s biggest model ever — in the 2015 model year. “It’s a huge focus for us to continue to deliver innovative products with versatile, functional interior spaces,” Bower told Trade Only at the New England Boat Show. “For four of the last five years we’ve won Innovation Awards at the Miami [International] Boat Show for smart use of interior spaces. We were thrilled to win this year” for the 345 Conquest..

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In an era when exotic hull designs and the newest replacement for time-proven materials come and go, discriminating coastal and deep-water anglers appreciate the overbuilt and eminently seaworthy Ocean Master 336 CC. The semi-custom sportfish boat is a no-compromise fishing machine. The rock-solid 336 CC is meticulously crafted using 20 layers of the finest hand laid fiberglass and quality vinylester resin. Oversized stringers are glassed into the hull with the deck permanently fused to it. No other manufacturer of a boat this size uses the same amount of materials.

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Newest Portable Outboard Fuel Tanks Not All They’re Cracked up to be

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 30, 2015 – Owners with outboard powered boats have lived with portable fuel tanks for years, but recent well-intentioned efforts to stop smog-causing gas fumes from escaping by eliminating the familiar two-way vent is causing new concerns. Without a vent – typically a small screw type fixture on the tank’s cap or top – a portable tank can swell up like a balloon in the hot sun with the internal pressure forcing gas into the outboard where it can spew inside the cowling, eventually dribbling out. It’s a wise move to install an inexpensive fuel-demand valve in the fuel line that will prevent any gas from reaching the motor unless the motor calls for it, and BoatUS has a video and easy to follow instructions to show you how.

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BoatUS Has New Boat Buyers “Toolbox”

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 12, 2015 – When you fix a boat, you need your toolbox. When you need a boating fix, those looking to buy a boat go to BoatUS’ Boat Buyer’s Toolbox. The new online boat buying resource from the nation’s largest advocacy, services and safety group gives practical information and helpful tips on how to buy, where to find a boat, what to look for, buying new vs. used, and much more. The buying guide is available at no cost at BoatUS.com/buyer. “We've been helping people navigate the sometimes choppy waters of boat buying for over 40 years,” said BoatUS Director of Consumer Protection Charles Fort.

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Outdoorsmen can't afford to compromise quality or performance when it comes to sport optics. Every trip afield is precious, a fact only magnified by the effort, expense, and other sacrifices made to simply get outdoors these days. A great binocular is a huge advantage for hunters and adds to the rewarding experience of all outdoor outings.

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