In an era when exotic hull designs and the newest replacement for time-proven materials come and go, discriminating coastal and deep-water anglers appreciate the overbuilt and eminently seaworthy Ocean Master 336 CC. The semi-custom sportfish boat is a no-compromise fishing machine.

The rock-solid 336 CC is meticulously crafted using 20 layers of the finest hand laid fiberglass and quality vinylester resin. Oversized stringers are glassed into the hull with the deck permanently fused to it. No other manufacturer of a boat this size uses the same amount of materials.

Its hull design is based on 40 years of continual refinement in real-world conditions. The 336 CC is a flaring vee form that softens aft for better planing. The result is a safe, comfortable and controllable ride in a wide range of sea conditions. It's also the perfect fishing platform.

Equipped with a pair of Evinrude® E-TEC® G2™ 300 hp engines, the Ocean Master is a performer. In recent testing conducted by Evinrude, the 336 CC's top speed was 54 mph and was clocked in at 4.7 seconds to plane. It also sipped the fuel, displaying 2.11 mpg for 570 miles at 26.5 mph. The report is online at www.oceanmasterboats.com/336-center-console.html. Each semi-custom Ocean Master 336 CC is made specifically for its owner. The boat is rigged using the finest components and hardware.


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